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    The Green Office at IIT Hyderabad encourages people to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Turn-Off". Its team consists of students, faculty and staff of IIT-H. The green office is organised into four committees - Campus Biodiversity, Solid Waste Management, Energy Conservation and Outreach. These committees are coordinated by a faculty member who serves as Convener for Green Office. It strives hard to implement various activities that will contribute towards eco-friendly and sustainable practices on the IIT-H campus. Getting involved with this body offers an excellent opportunity to make a difference to the IIT-H community and to prepare for a deeper engagement with the world at large.
    Fiscal Year Cardboard recycled Paper recycled Plastic recycled Packaging wood recycled Scrap metal recycled Scarp Batteries Shredded Paper Waste Cash benefit
    2012-2013 3295 kg 1812 kg 577 kg - - 0 0 Rs. 37,077.00
    2013-2014 3028 kg 1533 kg 253 kg 4749 kg 115 kg (Steel) + 2 kg (Aluminium) 0 0 Rs. 45,585.00
    2014-2015 2224 kg 1663 kg 164 kg 6993 kg 2520 kg (Steel + Steel powder) 0 0 Rs. 86,379.00
    2015-2016 2992 kg 3432 kg 118 kg 1670 kg 767.50 kg 0 0 Rs. 59,238.40
    2016-2017 2115 kg 1831 kg 55 kg 950 kg 0 kg 0 0 Rs. 29,528.50
    2017-2018 5885.2 kg 928 kg 34 kg 0 kg 12 kg (Steel) 0 0 Rs. 49,218.40
    2018-2019 5270 kg 493 kg 66 kg 0 kg 0 kg 152 0 Rs. 197325.00
    2019-2020 5397 kg 1266 kg 1176 kg 560 kg 4771 kg (Iron) 0 85 Rs. 95763.00
    Activities implemented up to now include:
    1. A campus recycling program covering paper, plastic, packing material, scrap metal, and hazardous e-waste. Separate bins installed for this purpose.
    2. Bike program has been implemented by which rent-free bicycles are available on short-term basis for commuting within the campus.
    3. Prepared white paper containing a list of indigenous tree species suitable for plantation in IIT Hyderabad main campus
    4. Created inventory of all equipments (water and electricity consuming devices)
    5. Established an on-campus snake rescue program, for relocation of snakes, in cooperation with Friends of Snakes Society
    6. Pasted posters with energy-saving tips in all offices and labs of IIT Hyderabad

    A recycling program was initiated on campus by Prakriti, Nature Club in fiscal 2012-2013, this program is now being continued by the Green Office. The recycling program resulted in significant reduction of our impact on the environment. Further,the recyclable material was sold to a vendor, selected by means of open tender, and the money was deposited in IITH account.

    Seminar Series (Green Initiatives):
      Speaker: Dr. Anumakonda Jagadeesh
      Date: 2:30pm, February 12th 2014
      Venue: Room 205 at IITH ODF Campus
      Talk Abstract: Click here

      Speaker: Mr. Mohammed Dilawar
      Date: 4:00pm, October 23rd 2013
      Venue: LH3 at IITH ODF Campus
      Talk Abstract: Click here
    For any queries/suggestions please contact at office.green@iith.ac.in